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    Transportation & Logistics

    Open Digital Marketplace Enhances Driver Experience, Increases Revenue

    The Challenge

    A leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines wanted to leverage vehicle data patterns to improve its operations and performance. However, it had limited ability to gather, cleanse, analyze and utilize its data. At the same time, major industry challenges—including driver attrition, federal compliance, revenue stagnation and rising costs—severely impacted the client. The company partnered with Cognizant to identify growth opportunities from its existing assets and gain insights about product performance and customer behavior.  

    Our Approach

    One of Cognizant’s initial tasks was to help the client gather and process diagnostic data from its equipment using sensors, telemetry and custom analytics. To improve driver experience and reduce fleet liabilities, we built an industry-first, open digital marketplace. Along with creating the system architecture for the platform, applications, analytics and application programming interfaces (APIs) that connect to the company’s devices, we integrated those devices with the data from its telecommunications provider and transferred it to its data warehouse. The data available to the applications on the platform, including the driver’s app we built that provides electronic logs and details on vehicle health.

    Integrating Data Promotes Savings, Provides Insights and Improves Driver Retention

    From initial discussions that focused on identifying faster and more cost-effective ways to run, design, engineer and fabricate vehicles, the project evolved into an exercise that re-envisioned our client’s business. Not only did we design and deliver an industrial information ecosystem that is integrated with our client’s existing information platform, but we also developed ways for our client to deliver information as a monetized service to different customers.



    created an open digital marketplace for truck drivers

    Driver’s app built

    delivers driver insights on vehicle health, optimized travel routes to reduce fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs

    New business service

    offered to 50,000 subscription-based drivers and will expand to 500,000 in one year